What is Entertainment Farm?
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What is Entertainment Farm?
Entertainment Farm Logo
Entertainment Farm Logo
In order to re-create an image of a "Farm" which cultivates entertainment, the EF logotype was designed using a Farmer's hoe motif. The corporate colors reinforce this image. The green represents the wealth of crops (entertainment talent) and the black represents the rich earth (Japan's film industry).
The Entertainment Farm Concept
EF pursues commercially profitable filmmaking by placing strong emphasis on creative talent capable of generating outstanding projects.
To carry out this objective, EF combines the following 6 elements.
The Entertainment Farm Concept
The Entertainment Farm Description

Project Development:
Undertake development centered on projects with creative talent, and set up productions.

Production Investment:
Set up film funds to invest in film production.

Overseas Opportunities:
Through overseas sales agents, market the overseas distribution rights and re-make rights to completed projects. Undertake joint production of EF projects with overseas producers and production companies.

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